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This year
  • I got in my suitcase friends, teachers and interns,
    - partitions and methods,
    - instruments offered by individual donators and the house “Buffet Crampon”,
    - repair material
    - and a sound system.

  • Many teachers came successively and enabled the creation of workshops for: Guitar in February 2009, Piano, clarinet and sound during the summer workshop 2009.

  • Sponsored concerts were organised by the ELEGIA ensemble, the ‘Arabic quintette’ and the music school of Bauge.

  • Friends came and visited us in Togo.

  • We are putting together a sponsorship process for the musical training of orphan children.

  • Our action extended to Benin with a workshop on sound and piano.

  • Our website is regularly updated; please consult it from time to time:

Our projects
We now have two tasks ahead of us. On one hand we have to put back together in working order the instruments which involve buying springs, absorbents, oils, greases etc, and accessories like mouth pieces (complete)...

On the other hand, we have to refurbish the classroom: manufacturing in house of cupboards, stands, blackboards with partitions etc...

In order for the other children still waiting for an instrument can start, we are calling upon your generosity either by making a donation 66% deductible from your taxes, or by joining the association.
Please do not hesitate to discuss under the "tree of talks"
Your suggestions are more than welcome and we will make sure to respond to them.