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The association "Musique-événements" was born in 2006 thanks to three instrument makers and musicians. Its purpose is to promote every kind of music in West Africa and especially in Togo.

Musique-Evénements is recognise as a of general Interest, and donations may lead as a tax reduction. (In France art. 200 and 238 bis of the CGI)

In that continent where “oralisation” is vital, where music punctuates every life event, every day in towns and villages, it’s important that music may be transmitted and known, favouring traditional instrument apprenticeship or others, supporting fanfares materially and financially, orchestras, dancers bands, griots, in their practise of their art …

It’s important that music should be improved by new music forms, by new contacts, thanks to workshops we organise. That’s why we created a school.

Organising or dedicating a concert to sustain our association’s actions would permit us to strengthen our financial means, so as to recruit other teachers and enlarge our teaching offer (more instruments, various teaching levels). We shall give you posters, flyers and booklets. Contact us for any request.

In addition to this, we still collect instruments. If you happen to have one left in your attic, garage, etc, please contact us! (The life time of an instrument bought on the spot is approximately two years because of the bad quality of these instruments: pads get out and paste, keys brake … they’re unrepairable).

Hope you’ll be able to sensibilise your public, thanks in advance for your welcome.

The President


The association's aim is to promote music toward West Africa.

In this limits, we are working in different lines :

- Creation of a music school in Lome (Togo),
- African music and dance courses,
- Lending supports to many voluntary to promote music in West Africa.

The Board

Address: Care of Mr Klugan Kossi Mawulolo
104, rue Larévellière
49100 - ANGERS - France
E-mail :

Adress in TOGO : Maison KLUGAN - Quartier Lomé Adidogomé
BP 7589
Lomé - TOGO
Tél : +228 22512384 / +228 90025337

Members of the board:

KLUGAN Kossi Mawulolo
JUDE André
KPADE Monique
Communications Advisor