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Music instruments collecting
Since we have a partnership with Musikello (a specialized wind instruments repair workshop in Lomé), we will be able to rent regularly revised instruments. Those rent prices will be adapted to the means of the population.

During the year, Musique-Evénements France collects music instruments from various institutions such as : music schools, orchestras and also from shops and music instruments factories and sends them in Togo where they will be repaired in the Musikello workshops.

This instruments collection was given to get more music instruments in our music school in Lomé and we wold especially like to thanks "Buffet Crampon", the philharmonie Oléronaise (Charente-Maritime) and l'harmonie/Fanfare l'Avenir de Marennes (Charente-Maritime) who gave us : 3 baryton saxophones, 3 ténor saxophones, 1 trombone, 2 cornets, 2 tubas, 9 clarinets, 3 trumpets, 2 bugles.

Instruments offered by "Buffet Crampon"

We also received as gift private music instruments :
- 2 alto saxophones
- 2 flutes
- 2 piccolo flutes
- 1 French horn

We also thanks the Music school from Cholet (Maine & Loire) France who give us :
- 2 cors d'harmonie

Thanks to Anthony Flécheau (Saxophonist) for music instruments as gift from l'Atelier Musical of St. Denis d'Orques and Brûlon (Sarthe) France

Thanks also to :
- Jean-Michel Klein (Trainer creation of Piano at ITEMM) Le Mans (Sarthe) France
- Daniel Crosta (Musician) de St Martin de Crau (Bouche du Rhône) France
- Christian Abiad (Clarinetist) from Angers (Maine & Loire) France
- Jean-Marie Picard (Wind instruments maker) from Vivy by Saumur (Maine & Loire) France
- Amaël Aujard (Wind instruments maker) from Westhalten (Alsace) France
- Thierry Kihm (Wind instruments maker) from Offemont (Franche-Comté) France
- Gérard Klein (Wind Instruments maker Master) from Le Mans (Sarthe) France.

And also a great thanks to particular gifted us brass music instruments.

Most of those music instruments are old but good facture. We will send them to Lomé and we will repair them in Musikello's workshop in Lomé.

We are looking for helps, lasting solutions to send this music instruments towards Lomé in Togo.

We thank the Association Togo Freunde Hannover that carried collected instruments in its container the way to Lomé.