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Partitions collecting
Our music school in Lome, Togo functions within the facilities of the Protestant high school and college of Agbalépédogan.
We would like to thank the new director who enables us to pursue and develop our action.

While collecting instruments, we are putting together a "music library" in order to solve the lack of funding of the students :
  • methods and books for wind instruments and percussions
  • chords books
  • and partitions for small ensembles and harmony orchestra.

Each year, music and chord books, not needed will pile up on the shelves in our music schools or in the cupboards of individuals or even worst will be thrown away. Still, they could bring joy to Togolese students.

A simple gesture, eco-citizen : contact us
Using the website as an intermediate, in the "tree of discussions". Our traveller friends will take them to Togo in their suitcases.