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The instrumental band Elegia
The instrumental band Elegia was created in 2006 under the leadership of Sophie Rabouint (piano), Erwan Le Ru (oboe) and Jérôme Percher (horn) who wanted to contribute to the recognition f their musical school of Beaufort-en-Anjou.

Their objectives are as follow; honour a musical repertory often unknown, and make the best use of the complicity between musical interpreters.

The new arrival of Corinne Merrer-Gasselin (flûte) enabled this quarto to keep on expanding their repertory. This often meant that some liberties had to be taken and changes made in order to ensure that the public could discover some works too often overlooked.

In the hope that you will enjoy their good nature and their musical choices, Elegia is happy to invite to share a convivial moment.


First prize of piano at. the "Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional d'Angers". Sophie Rabouint teaches the piano at the intercommunal school of Saumourois and Beaufort-en-Anjou.
She regularly plays with the trio "humoresque" and the Instrumental band of Anjou. Since 1993, Sophie directs the choir "Troglodissimo" of Doué la Fontaine and she is the founder of the Elegia band.

Corinne Merrer-Gasselin

Corinne Merrer-Gasselin
, born in 1971. She studied at the Conservatoire National of Nantes where she obtained a gold medal in 1987.
She pursued her studies at the Parisian Conservatoire and at the Sorbonne musicology faculty, she won in 1991 the first prize. 
Graduated with a diploma of artistic teaching since 1996, Corinne now teaches the flute at the music schools of Beaufort-en-Anjou and Centre-Mauges. She regularly plays the flute in different settings.

Born on the 19th of October 1974, Erwan Le Ru obtained a gold medal of oboe in 1995 at the Conservatoire d’Angers. He further pursued his musical studies in Paris et in the Parisian neighbourhood crowned by a gold medal in music formation, a final year diploma in analysis and a prize of perfectionism in chamber music .
n 2002, after two years of studies at the Cefedem of Normandie, he obtains his state diploma. Since then, Erwan is an assistant for the oboe’s class at the conservatoire d’Angers and he teaches in many schools of the Maine and the Loire among which Saumur and Beaufort-en-Anjou where he is the main teacher. He plays regularly at Anjou with diverse bands.

Jérôme Percher
Nach Musikstudien im Konservatorium von Angers, bekommt er eine Goldmedalle und einen ersten Preis, bekommt Jerome Percher auch einen ersten Preis von der Stadt Paris.
Er ist Lehrer für Horn in dem Maine et Loire seit 1992, und besonders in dem Regional Konservatorium vom Choletais.
Seit 13 Jahre ist Jérôme Percher Mitglied im Blasinstrumenten Quintet Arabesque und im Quintet Scaramouche. Er spielt auch ab und zu mit der Philharmonie von Radio France, mit dem Orchester National des Pays de Loire, Orchester der Bretagne, Synfonia Warschau und mit dem Opernorchester von Pau, Pays de Béarn.

The quarto for an exceptional concert for the Musique-événements Association