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Laura Rabouin and Quentin Chapillon
Two ambitious students

They came to visit us because they are leaving this summer for Gbodjomé and Agbodrafo (40 km from Lomé).

We will support them by organizing a concert with the trainees.

Don’t forget to visit their website, a good source of information if you want to travel through Africa.

If you dream to go away, to travel through Africa, do like Laura and Quentin, prepare carefully your trip. Have a look at their website.

To will find there all necessary information: cheap flights, vaccinations, visas, drugs ...

You wish to be useful, to meet new friends, do like them, join a humanitarian association.

If you wonder how to get a financial support for your project, Laura and Quentin have a lot of ideas.

And if you don’t go yourself, follow them on their blog :