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Tristant Loriaut in Lomé

Tristan Loriaut, Music Teacher

He has had an unusual musical experience starting to play the cello at the age of 6. At 15 he discovers the guitar and jazz. He then studies Jazz at the Conservatoires of Marseille, Aix en Provence, Bastia (Corsica) and a further 2 years at IMFP, Jazz school in Aix en Provence where he met talented musicians and teachers such as Michel Zenino, Gérard Maurin, Philippe Petruciani.
In 2003 he moves to Paris and studies Jazz Guitar under Eric Daniel at the Nadi and Lil Boulanger University (Paris 9). He then furthers his studies at the CNSM of La Villette having passed the entrance exam. In 2005 he decided to start his own music project with saxophonist Yacine Boularès, on double basse Olivier Degabriele and on drums Thibault Perriard. The group "Percepptual" is thus founded. The quartet wins a first price at the "Tremplin du Festival Jazz " in Saint Germain des Prés in May 2006. The group brings out their first record under the NOCTURNE label in2007.
In 2006 Tristan studies at the Conservatoire National de Région de Paris (Rue de Madrid Paris 8) under the professors Manu Codja, Emile Spanyl, Pierre Bertrand. The same year he has the privilege of playing with Dave Leihman for the revival of "Sketches of Spain" by Miles Davis and Gil Evans. He also meets many musicians and professors such as Michael Felberbaum, Christian Brun, Serge Lazarevich. In 2008 he passes the DEM Jazz at the CNR of Paris. Since 2005 he has organised the program for the "Jazz Festival au Couvent", which is held annually in August in Corsica. He takes an active part in several groups like the "Quartet OPEN WILD" revisiting the music of Doors.

To his passion of music is added his writing in defense and promoting Jazz. Since 2007 he has writen for a webzine "Les dernieres Nouvelles du Jazz" and publishes chronicles for new Jazz records.

Tristan Loriaut's aim is to share with others his passion for that music.

Welcoming teachers to encourage musical vocations ...

(By Tristan Loriaut, musician and teacher)

Most people have dreams which sometimes can turn to reality. To go on a trip was one of mine. My attraction towards Africa, one of the major cradles of mankind ; having decided on this I knew that this trip would be a totally new experience. The project was based on the idea of bringing my passion for the Guitar and Music to that continent through teaching. My favoured destination was TOGO but more precisely in its capital LOME.

The "Association Musique-Evenements" would welcome me there. Its President Mawulolo Kossi Klugan and Komla Liken Togboga its co-founders accepted without hesitation my project of teaching Guitar in Togo. As soon as I arrived on 14th. February 2009 I was met with the purest of African hospitality. The mission which I was given had already begun. The first meeting of teacher and students made me realise I was in a different world. Right from the beginning I noticed a huge cultural difference. I had to let myself be taken in by this difference in our two cultures.

A timetable was quickly put in place. It was decided that lessons would take place in a classroom of the protestant church in the district of Agbalepodo.

A dozen or so guitar students ranging from 19 to 28 years old joined and had an intermediate knowledge. They would come on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and each would get a half-hour of private tuition.

Sixty or so other students aged between 10and 18 years old, the majority beginners with no instruments of their own, organised themselves int 5 groups of 10 to 15 students for a half-hour beginners tuition. I tried to be available as much as possible, to listen to each and every question and try to give an answer ; also to find time to help and encourage each student. Some unexpected talents were found.

The second part of this exercise was to go and see groups of musicians making my kind of music The policemen of Lomé have a band like the military the world over. My task was to advise the musicians of that band and to help them communicate musically.
Our exchanges ended with the performance of two pieces which I had composed specifically for them. My visit included also two other bands: one of Rock'nRoll and one of Blues. Very enriching meetings placed under the signs of friendship and learning.

I was also able to bring back fantastic recordings. To end there was an incursion or detour into Gospel music when although modern they veered towards the Sacred. In Togo religion is as present in every household as Music is in every religious ceremony.

I had a few free days at the end of each week so I found out more about the culture and the people, the towns and countryside of Togo. I was able to visit Kpalimé and its artisans, Togoville and its voodoorituals, Lake Togo and its dug-out canoes, Atakpamé and its dense and colourful population, the dam and the game reserve of Nangbéto with its hippopotamus. I was also able to visit Lomé and its Grand Marché with is constant movement.

Despite the extreme poverty prevailing I have only encountered joy and a desire to communicate everywhere I went and all the time. Amongst the young in particular what I felt most was a very strong feeling of learning from others and an intense wish to practice MUSIC. This is the main objective of Musique-évènements. It wants to extend and enlarge in other fields and why not create and start the first Conservsatoire National of Music in Togo ? With the gifts of new or second-hand instruments, with financial donations, with foreign music teachers coming, perhaps this idea will come to fruition one day. Each gift given to this cause offers the possibility to the young to practice music.

My trip ended on March 14 2009. A whole month had gone by since my arrival and I realised I had learnt more than I had given. I was leaving but to many of the students they wanted much more. My wish is to continue to help these young guitarists to improve and hope that this exchange is only the beginning and will continue to grow in the years to come.