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African music and dances course 2011
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Students and Teachers - Stage 2007

One new course will be organised the next summer

From Monday 8th August 2011 until 28th August 2011, Accommodation is available if you wish to prolong your stay for a third week of tourism.

(The maximum number of people is 16)

Travel, board and lodging :

Travel to and from the airport is organised by the association.
You will stay in one of two villas near the music school. Each villa has 4 bedroomseach with showers and a communal kitchen.
Lunch will be provided at the music school by two local people employed by the association.
Breakfast and dinner are your responsibility.
We will provide your first dinner and breakfast the day you arrive.

Times and teaching :

Everyday apart from Sunday: from 9 – 12 a.m. and from 3 to 6 p.m.
Wednesday and Saturday afternoon are for either individual rehearsal or for group workshops for the preparation of concerts.
Each lesson lasts 90 min. and are taught by local teachers
a) different rhythms (“tam-tam”)
b) melodies (balafon, kora)
c) African dance
d) Voice training both spoken and sung ( “griot”)

Each day the students will be introduced to the four basic aspects of African music which are associated and complementary.

There will be one concert.

Cost and how to pay :

The course costs 300 euros per person which covers travel to and from the airport, accommodation, meals at lunch time and teaching.

Half of the expenses should be paid when you put your name down for the course (non-reimbursable) and the remaining half on arrival.
Air fares are at the students’ expense.