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Summer Training program 2009
The summer training session took place from August 3rd -14th 2009 in Lomé at the Protestant College of d’Agbalépédogan (Collège Protestant d'Agbalépédogan) with about sixty participants who worked in different studios.

What did they think?
  • Sound studio with Lilian
    24 very motivated students

  • Music Theory studio with Makh and Eliott
    15 students

  • Piano studio She was helped by Arielle for the beginners. Placement tests allowed us to evaluate the students’ level. Arielle also helped tuning the piano.

  • Clarinet studio with Marion.
    L The four students had already come 2 years earlier.

  • Guitar studio with Japhet.
    4 students worked on their classical music basics and ended up with modern jazz.

  • Percussion Studio run by Jacques and Benoît.
    3 students and André were initiated to several rhythms and realized some transcription work with both Andre and Japhet.

  • A trumpet studio with Guy.
    9 students, 2 of which had followed the courses taught at the school of music.

  • A brass band Studio with Guy.
    12 students (trombones, trumpets, tubas).

  • Lutherie Studio with Mary who restored the students’ clarinets. She was seconded by Lucille for the inventory of the instruments of Musical Events.

Some instruments have been lent by the association.
Certains instruments ont été prêtés par l'assoociation.
All That Production has opened us their recording studio for sound techniques' classes.
Some students have participated in several workshops. Girls were few (two vocals, one piano and one in dance studio).
The official opening of the course was made on August 6 with the band "Adido-Tradition- Jazz" and the group of ballet and percussion "Zomablewo & Atopani".

Invited by associations Generation Solidarity Togo and France-Africa Ripe-Erigne (Maine & Loire), the participants, took part in a cultural event organized for children of the canton Agbodrafo (40 km from Lome): presentation of wind instruments, piano and guitar and an improvised concert. In turn, the children presented songs and dances accompanied by tom-tom. It was a memorable exchange. We are keeping in touch with both associations and they will soon visit our music and lutherie studios.

The internship ended with a hearing on each studio, interns’graduations, and performances of the groups "Adido-Tradition-Jazz"
and "Zomabléwo & Atopani"

We also wanted our guest to visit the rest of the country: we went to Kpalime and its environs, Atakpame, Nangbeto, and from Badou to the waterfall of Aklowa see pictures.
In general, 95% of our students were satisfied with the program according to a survey they took at the end of the internship.

What we want is to enjoy nature, travel and go to meet others, understand their culture, and share through music.

We didn’t have much money.

Also, he had to find less expensive solutions for the internship to still be held. One of our students was housed at Guy, professor of Togo.

6 French teachers were housed in private homes and the cost of electricity, water, gas and laundry was supported by the association Musical Events.
In conclusion,

, the training was beneficial and useful. Thanks to it we were able to create new studios such as the sound and guitar studios and find new partnerships. However, we need to review our rates, the number of interns and teachers to balance the books. We also need to find new sources of funding.

Musical Events France / Togo thanks the Director of the College Protestant Agbalepedogan, Mr. Franck Dosseh, for his help and making available to us classrooms in order for us to be able to work in a safe and serene environment.

Musical Events France / Togo also thanks Angelo and by Philip, for their willingness and availability, especially when it came to helping us with transportation.