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Adido - Tradition - Jazz
Traditional band with brass and percussion

Everywhere in the world, people have a strong feeling for their music. Knowing that each music is a system, each music has its own internal logic, leads to think about the cultural identity of each person and about the diversity of this world.


The name "Adido Tradition Jazz", illustrates well the perspectives of the musicians of the band.


1 - Tradition : the research

The Adido band is attached to find the music of each village again and to have it known. The traditional togolese music is very rich and diversified and almost unknown to the public.

We of course know the different musical forms belonging to the different social classes but we ignore the principles governing the use of the musical instruments as well as the nature of the rythms implied.

Our researches allowed us to dynamize progressively the cultural inheritance, such as these rythms:

AGUEVU (fairy dance)
KRHM (fire dance).

We prefer to use the world « paleomusicology » (scientific theory about the music at the origin of humanity in a durable contemporary perspective) rather than “ethnomusicology”, this word sparking off reluctancies among the black African intelligentsia. The “ethnic” concept is for them a colonial and scientifically non acceptable concept, tinged of barbarity, corresponding to an historical period that is over.

2 - Jazz : the evolution

The Adido band tries not only to collect and play again these different rythms for the preservation of the musical inheritance but also to make it evolve thanks to the introduction of brass instruments and even acoustical instruments. This return to the village allows sensibilizing the population to new musical shapes.


The ADIDO TRADITION JAZZ during the TV show « Holiday’s colours » on the national channel TVT on july 29, 2009, to present the « Musique Evenement » association and its summer event.