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The National Folk
Zomableo and Atopani
Diversity and richness of the dances are characteristic of these ballets that have their sources in the ancestral culture: a true expression of the African authenticity.


From the lagoon shore, the National Folk Ballet has taken the art of the stilts, 3 meter high above the swamp that they use with a perfect control.

From the north, they have kept the tradition of fighting, of war for wives or harvests.

From the center, more animist, they learned the legends that are an essential element of the collective memory of Africa.


These dances are rising in life as well in death. Wedding and birth are a full part of the show, rites of passage having a strange and mystical place. Wooden masks, body painting as well as animals such as the monkey which attitudes under a straw turnout takes an important place in the popular imagination.
And percussions, gourds, wooden trunks, are rythming each slice of life as the griot poets are doing or to tell the glory of dead kings that are now in the legend.
A mix of music and dances, colors, smell of spices, love and war songs, the show of the Zomabléwo and Atopani Ballet is like an African market, full of surprises and happiness. And like at a bend of a trail, Africa will jump into your hearth.



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