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ARABESQUE, (Quintette de Cuivres)
Le Quintette de Cuivres ARABESQUE :
- Laurent Beunache : Trompettes, Cornet, Bugle
- Patrice Pineau : Trompettes, Cornet, Bugle
- Jérôme Percher : Cor
- Jean-Michel Foucault : Trombone
- Hervé Dubois : Tuba & Euphonium


BUFFET CRAMPON, a manufacturer and distributor of wind-instruments..
Founded in 1825 in Paris, Buffet Crampon manufactures clarinets, harmony clarinets, saxophones, oboes and bassoons. Being the worldwide leading company of professional clarinets, the Buffet Crampon’s brand is played all over the world by the most talented musicians.
The Group Buffet Crampon owns two brands of brass instruments, Besson and Antoine Courtois : tubas, euphoniums, trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns and trombones.


ITEMM, (Institut Technologique Européen des Métiers de la Musique)
Repair instruments for Association within the framework of their educational progression.


MUSIKELLO, Sale and Repair Workshop specialized in wind instruments
Loan of instruments to our Association
Repair instruments for Association
Carry out training courses.