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AGORA 2009


On November 7 and 8, the town of Angers has organized a forum of the associations called Agora in the Park des Expositions.
Musique-Evenements was here together with all kind of associations, cultural, economical, social and health.

Our goals and activities where shown on 14 boards and through a video. A map of Togo, traditional instruments, some batiks and decorative objects where creating the convenient environment.

Our partner band, "HERE MANKONO - YAASOAMA" has been well appreciated during its gig and we it was a good occasion to talk with people having travelled in Togo.

Finally, this event is a good opportunity to let us know and to get in touch with other associations.

The canvas boards and the DVD are easy to use for a temporary exposition in the hall of a music school, a church or any public place, allowing easily letting us know during a patronage concert or during an African event.
Please contact us through this site.