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Ladies and gentlemen,

We are a musical group playing traditional West African music. Our group is formed of 8-10 musicians and a female dancer.

The artistic direction and respect for the musical traditions are under the supervision of Baba Koné, master of burkinabé music.

In order to show a richer musicality in sounds and harmonies as well as djembés and drums we accompany our rythms with the help of songs, flutes, balafon, n'goni, sabar, bara dundun, bougarabu, bolon, tama and bells. This variety of instruments brings colour and depth to the music. Each of our musicians play several instruments.

In your activities we suggest a partnership in the knowledge that we can assume a variety of shows :

- Concerts (1and 1/2 hours) with 5 to 8 musicians
- Courses in pecussion (1 or 2 teachers )
- Dance Course (2 or 3 teachers) and a male or female dancer.
- Restitution of students before concert.

You can listen to extracts of our music on : et Here Mankoma


A. Jude & M. Koné


Contact Association YAASOAMA : A. Jude - 260, rue de l'école
49260 - Montreuil Bellay - France
Email :

Contact Association KANOU PERCU : M. Koné - 5, rue Salmon Macrin
86200 - Loudun
Email :

Musique-Evénements : 104, rue Larévellière
49100 - Angers
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Internet :
Tél. 06 63 61 28 87